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Business & Branding Specialist


Postured Enterprise, LLC


BrandING & BUSINESS Development Agency

Business GROWTH is Key

Structure, Sustainability, and Execution are the keys to Business Growth

We empower CEOs to confidently expand their businesses by helping to create the structure necessary to generate HIGHER revenue, and attract 6 & 7-figure investors, grants, and sponsorship.

The most successful and influential organizations were built with GROWTH as part of their foundation.

Businesses do NOT develop a budget designed to scale their business/brand.



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Do you know that niche branding generates MORE revenue, product stability, and brand loyalty than marketing to the masses?


This book provides you with a systematic approach to:

  • Scaling your business

  • Understanding & identifying brand language 

  • Developing your language

  • Creating customer loyalty 

  • INCLUDED: Workbook to identify your business position in the market

Client Reviews

My client's results are the measure of success

Joshua and his team were AMAZING! They were about to identify areas within my business where I was pending thousands of dollars each month, unnecessarily. He's been about to help me redirect my 15% of my month expenses, but also create an infrastructure that has allowed me to increase my revenue by 38% in 3 months, 

Wayne Gresher

Joshua recently accepted a regional position as part of our national team. Since his inception, he has utilized disruptive and radical marketing and branding campaigns to increase our under-represented minors and be the bring to facilitate conversations that has INCREASED our membership 29% in the last 60 days. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for brings your passion for brand and marketing to our team! I, personally, look forward to the next 12 months and you sharing even more of your talents with myself and our organization. 

Toni Finelli

Joshua is the man with a plan and incredible execution. I started a nonprofit that was not profitable, and within our first year he was able to scale up to multiple 6-figures, several business partnerships, and have us featured on Steve Harvey, ELLEN, Channel 9, and numerous radio stations and interviews. 

Alicia B. Gorman



If you’re looking to stay within your existing market, a move to larger premises or additional locations may increase your production capacity and help you drive away your competitors. Growth can also take the form of innovation. Investing in the redevelopment or enhancement of your offering can differentiate you from your competitors and increase your chances of continued success. Growing your business helps to establish a stronger brand identity, further helping to stave off competition. Franchising, licensing your products and services or expanding into carefully chosen new product areas allows you to spread your brand. As the number of locations and products increases, your brand identity develops, and your revenue grows.


Be aware of the patterns of your business. Working with contractors, employees, and team members who under the complexity of your brand/business is essential to the growth of our business,. Revel in developing relationships that create continued awareness and conversations that help build the business structure you desire to have. 


As businesses grow, they tend to become more stable. A one-person business with limited streams of revenue is much less stable than a business with multiple locations and dozens of people on staff. This stability is also partly due to the way your business is perceived. As your business grows, people believe that you are more likely to be around throughout the lives of their products to supply spare parts and honor guarantees. If you grow your business you are likely to sell more products and services to this market segment. Expanding your operations across different markets and locations also spreads your concentration risk from market fluctuations and downturns. As does broadening your supply base.

building with a team

Finding the right people to help you run your business is crucial, and a challenge for many business owners. Growing businesses tend to attract the best people. The opportunities and challenges that a successful, growing company can provide for its staff make them very attractive. Being a part of a growing business is often an invigorating and professionally fulfilling experience. Also, once your business has reached the point where you are delegating management and operational decisions to others, the business no longer has to depend on you. This allows you more time to dedicate to personal pursuits.

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