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25 Tips to Build Your Business & Brand Yourself

  1. Create a website. Today you don't need to know coding to have a professional website.

  2. Create a blog for your business and post relevant articles and tips

  3. Optimize your website or blog for search engines in what's called search engine optimization or SEO.

  4. Send a press release to local and relevant media outlets.

  5. Host an open house to share your new business

  6. Create and send out mailers to your target market (include a coupon)

  7. Advertise in local coupon books or newcomer programs

  8. Start collecting email addresses and send out a newsletter, updates and offers with useful information or coupons. Consider using these free or cheap email partners. Just be careful not to alienate your list with too many offer. Email subscribers need to be valued and nurtured.

  9. Create content upgrades to encourage more email sign ups.

  10. Set-up a business Facebook page and use it

  11. Create a Facebook Group to interact with your market

  12. Set-up a Google+ account and use it

  13. Set-up a LinkedIn profile to promote your business

  14. Set-up a Twitter account and send out promotions and useful info to your customers and followers

  15. Consider using Pinterest to reach your market.

  16. Share news, updates and other important information on social media.

  17. Use a social media service to loop and repost your best online content automatically.

  18. Start an affiliate program to build a team of people to promote for you.

  19. Speak, teach or consult to local community education centers, associations, businesses or other groups interested in your topic.

  20. Be a guest on a radio show or podcast

  21. Create a Groupon (or a deal-a-day) promotion

  22. Wrap your car or use vinyl lettering to advertise your business

  23. Create a wacky promotion

  24. Get testimonials or endorsements to increase your credibility. Post them on your website/blog, social media headers, and print materials.

  25. Set-up referral relationships with other relevant businesses

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