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Disrupt The Industry!

What is disruptive marketing?

A disruptive marketing strategy is your opportunity to take the marketing rules you’ve lived by for the last decade and throw them into the trash. It’s about moving past the “tried and true”, and exploring the risky, but new.

Since today’s consumers prize once-in-a-lifetime experiences above everything else, disruptive marketing offers fast-pass access to brand loyalty for companies who aren’t afraid to do something new. That’s why businesses everywhere are racing to become the next Uber, Amazon, or Airbnb. Disruption breeds buzz.

Campaign Disruptions

The right disruptive marketing campaigns can even help you to repair and overhaul your brand reputation – improving company perception and paving the way for bigger and better sales. The question is, how do you become the next industry disruptor?

Every industry innovation we’ve had since the dawn of time has been a “disruption” to the traditional standard. For instance, the computer, the telephone, the smartphone, and even the electric car are all examples of disruptive products. The actual term “disruptive innovation” however, was only established by Clayton Christensen, a Harvard Professor, in 1997.

Be Compelling

Perhaps the most compelling feature of any disruptive marketing strategy is the fact that it will always be unique to the brand that creates it. That means that when it’s used correctly, linked with your company voice, and connected to your overriding image, your disruptive marketing plan could be the key to a brand’s differentiation strategy.

Content Creates Currency

User-generated content has the capabilities of surpassing branded content, with many businesses currently offering control of their marketing to clients. For example, online reviews, social media posts and blog posts written about a business and the experience a person had whilst working with them can prove to be more effective in creating a public perception of a business. Potential clients will read the reviews of a business to gain an understanding of what to expect if they were to choose your business to work with. This creates a strong need for businesses to ensure that they consistently create a positive impact in their consumer’s minds.

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